Music for video


We can produce tailor made music for your video, conference or presentation. Better suited, crafted music means a video or presentation with more impact.

Here are some example of pieces written specifically for video (please enable pop-ups as these links will open a new window);

Bayswater: Soft, calm music, suitable for slow pans,

slow mo, relaxed mood

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Either Way: Big, airy, relaxed

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Me in Space: Chilled, slow, relaxed

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Cooking it: Funky, upbeat

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Cook Me!: Upbeat, corporate, positive

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Recent examples


More example videos on the Orange Eye YouTube Channel

To see more of our video, visit our own YouTube channel, which can be found here.

Please contact us for more information on 07952 724150, or email

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(All songs are Copyright Orange Eye Ltd 2009. Not to be used without permission)


A new addition to the team - the wonderful DJI Osmo gimbal cam!
We have now bought a Canon XC10, to complement the C300 and C100 MKii.