Talking heads for web

High broadband proliferation means watching video online wherever you are in the world is possible. More and more clients are asking us to create simple video to put on their website, or on video sites such as YouTube. In response we have a service tailored to this, called 'Talking heads for web'. These simple videos are perfect for profit announcements, company news reports, quarterly financial reports etc. Following our tried and tested methodology, it can be done in a day too!

How it works - a simple, one day service

Using the latest equipment and a tested work flow it is possible to have a very fast turnaround, meaning from filming to creating a web friendly video file can be done in one day. This of course keeps costs down. We use powerful MacBook Pro laptops which we bring with us on the day, effectively bringing a mobile edit suite to the shoot.

A typical day would run along these timings;

8.30-10.00 Set up shoot. Training given if required, script preparation and rehearsal
10.00-12.00 Filming, breakdown kit
12.00-2.00 Digitising and preparation for the edit
2.00-4.00 Editing, add titles and logos, 2-8 minute video created. Client signs off video
4.00-5.00 Encoding into flash/ H264/ WMV, and uploading time

What it looks like

There are 2 styles of presenting we would recommend. When talking 'to' camera you connect directly to the audience. This is normally the best way to present but requires being able to maintain good eye contact with the camera, which some people find difficult. We can provide and autocue if required. Some people prefer to speak to a person rather than a camera, hence we would the shoot with the interviewee looking 'off' camera, as shown below;

A 'talking head' using a dramatic white background
Example of a talking head
talking 'to' camera, using an autocue.

Example of   talking head to camera

Talking 'off' camera, talking to an interviewer.

Example of  talking head off camera

Here is an example of a full talking head video;

How much it costs

Includes camera and 6 light kit, Apple MacBook Pro edit suite, parking, travel, tape stock. We do not Charge VAT. UK travel (outside M25) subject to mileage. Please call for international rates.

Cameraman/ editor, 1 day inside London M25 £550
Trainer/ producer (if required) Plus £Please call
Autocue Hire Plus £250

Extras - Training services and Autocue hire

You may also like to have help refining and performing your piece to camera. As an additional service we can provide expert presentation trainers who can help with messaging as well as helping with performance. We can also provide an autocue and autocue training if required. If you have not used an autocue before, it is advisable to have some training using it.

More example videos on the Orange Eye YouTube Channel

To see more of our video, visit our own YouTube channel, which can be found†here.

Please contact us for more information on 07952 724150, or email†

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A new addition to the team - the wonderful DJI Osmo gimbal cam!
We have now bought a Canon XC10, to complement the C300 and C100 MKii.